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About 13th Monkey Paintball

The Owners

Meet Tim and Kevin

Tim Weeks and Kevin Bradshaw are former medics at CFB Petawawa who have a similar passion for paintball. As both were retiring from the military in the Spring of 2012, they were looking for a new adventure for their civilian life. They decided to open 13th Monkey Paintball as a great way to be active, and to combine their teamwork and team building skills that provided them with successful military careers.

Note: One day, we'll get photos of these guys, but we can't seem to ever get them when they're not geared up and playing paintball!

Paintball Safety


Paintball is like every other sport - safety procedures are required. And, when you're at a paintball field run by military medics, well, safety is a pretty big deal. Like anything, when the rules are followed, paintball is a safe activity.

All players are required to wear masks or other eye safety protection when they are on the field or near people who are playing. Paintball masks are designed for the sport, and the goggles can withstand a direct hit from a paintball traveling 300 feet per second. This is the safety limit adopted by the industry. Most masks have flaps that protect the ears as well.
In addition to the required use of masks, paintball markers must not fire paintballs in excess of the industry standard of 300 FPS (feet per second), about 91 meters per second. 13th Monkey closely monitors this as changes in temperature can also impact the velocity of paintball markers.
Another area that is closesly monitored is over-shooting. This is when a player is repeatedly shot, even after they are eliminated. In paintball tournament play, a referee makes a decision on this type of situation. In recreational play, 13th Monkey makes the decision if a player is over-shooting.

13th Monkey is diligent in offering a safe experience on the paintball fields. Unsafe practices are against the rules. Always.

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